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What is the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin?


During the winter months, your skin needs all the moisture it can get. There are plenty of ways to protect your skin from the elements, and practicing the following can help you keep your skin supple all season long. Dry skin be gone!

1. Use oil-based moisturizer: During the winter months, low humidity levels can steal the moisture right off of your skin. To replace what’s been lost to the elements, opt for an oil-based moisturizer. Oils are better able to adhere to your skin, providing longer-lasting moisture that can benefit you all day long. Look for non-comedogenic oil moisturizers, as these won’t clog up your pores.

2. Watch your shower habits: When it’s chilly outside, it’s tempting to hop in the shower and turn the water up to the highest temperature possible. Avoid giving into this temptation, and instead opt for lukewarm showers. Hot water washes away your skin’s natural oils, leaving your body and face dry and irritated. Also be sure to keep your showers short; the longer you stand under that running water, the more apt your skin is to dry out.

3. Blot your skin: When you’re drying off from a shower or after washing your face, be sure to blot your skin gently with a towel—don’t rub it! Rubbing a towel against your skin can cause friction that strips away your skin’s essential oils. Gently pat your skin dry instead and avoid tugging whenever possible.