photofacialPhotofacial treatments are an innovative way to quickly, safely and comfortably improve your skins tone and color. Through a non-invasive method of photo-rejuvenation SkinRhümMD offers the newest photofacial technology to improve and even out skin tone and discolorations including facial redness, broken facial and nasal veins & capillaries, rosacea, brown pigmentation and sun damage.

photofacial before and afterVirtually any part of the body with uneven skin tone, diffuse redness, or sun and age spots can be safely treated. The face, chest, arms and hands are the most popular areas for photofacial treatment because they have typically encountered the most sun exposure. Rosacea, brown spots, excessively ruddy complexions and skin densely covered with freckles respond well to photofacial treatment.

Photofacial treatments are non-invasive and require minimal to no downtime. Some mild swelling may occur post photofacial treatment; brown lesions and red vessels may darken and then flake off or be reabsorbed by the body. The skin may feel warm after treatment and can be cooled byapplying ice packs to the treated areas. Normal activities can be returned to immediately following photofacial procedures.

With minimal treatments photofacials help to restore a more youthful appearance, leaving skin looking clearer and healthier. For best results a series of 3-5 monthly photofacial treatments is recommended. Most patients are extremely satisfied with the results post photofacial treatments and continue to maintain their results with proper skin care post treatment. With daily sun protection post photofacial treatments these results can be long lasting and often permanent. For chronic conditions, such as rosacea yearly maintenance treatments are beneficial.

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