Joint Injections

A joint injection is a common treatment method that is performed to manage stiffness and pain that arises in the joints due to inflammation. Chronic joint pain and even acute pain that is intense may cause mobility problems that can disrupt an individual’s daily routine and decrease that person’s quality of life. If the symptoms are not properly treated, they can eventually start to have detrimental effects on emotional and mental health as well.

Several types of joint injections have been established for the purpose of pain management. A typical joint injection usually consists of a combination of a corticosteroid and an anesthetic that target both pain and inflammation.

However, additional injection procedures include:

An injection of hyaluronic acid, which effectively cushions and lubricates the damaged joint.
An injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is a procedure where a patient’s blood plasma is collected, fortified with platelets that promote healing, and then re-injected into the affected joint.
If you are suffering from joint pain have your family doctor refer you to Dr. Patenaude to review your treatment options with you to help reduce your symptoms.

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