Skin Lesion Removal

These skin lesions are often found on the face and neck but can be removed from any area on the body. Dr. Patenaude will assess the skin lesion and review the best technique or combination of skin lesion removal treatments for complete removal.

Dr. Patenaude uses a combination of skin lesion removal techniques including Cryotherapy, Electrocautery and surgical excision. Social downtime after skin lesion removal treatment is minimal and results are seen immediately following a short healing period.

Skin Lesion


Cryotherapy is a skin lesion removal technique using the application of extremely cold liquid nitrogen to destroy unwanted, abnormal or diseased tissue. Most commonly warts, skin tags and solar keratosis are treated. The procedure is used often because of its efficacy and low rate of side effects. Cosmetic outcomes after the skin lesion removal are exceptional and healing time is often very quick.


Electrodessication is the skin lesion removal technique of burning a lesion to remove or close off a part of it. A small metal probe directs an electric current to destroy and remove the unwanted tissue while reducing bleeding and cauterizing the site at the same time. This is a common mole removal or skin tag removal technique, other lesions such as sebaceous hyperplasia are most often treated with this technique. Cosmetic results are ideal and social downtime after the skin lesion removal is minimal.

If you are concerned your lesion may be cancerous have your family doctor refer you to Dr. Patenaude for a medical assessment. Contact us today for more information on skin lesion removal 204-894-7486.

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