Acne Treatment & Acne Scar Treatment

SkinRhümMD is proud to offer numerous personalized acne treatments and acne scar treatments for our patients suffering with acne. Dr. Patenaude examines every patient to review in detail all in office and at home treatment options, including oral prescriptions, high grade medical retinol therapy, chemical peels and medical microdermabrasion for reducing and clearing your acne. You will be given a personalized detailed acne skin care regimen and all acne treatment options will be discussed in depth with you. SkinRhümMD monitors all acne patients monthly to make sure you are getting the best results and reduction in your acne possible.

Although there are currently no treatments that work for everyone with Alopecia, some treatments are effective for some people. Depending on which type of Alopecia you have, your age and the extent of hair loss, there are a variety of treatment options available.

Acne Treatment

Acne TreatmentsAcne is the most common problem seen by doctors; when sebaceous glands become clogged with sebum (an oily substance produced by the skin), dirt and dead skin cells acne is formed. Often, bacteria are present which can contribute to the redness, swelling and pus that can accompany acne lesions, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts. Usually present on the face and neck. It can also occur on the back, chest and shoulders.

There are various stages and severities of acne. Mild acne consists of a few lesions which are close to the surface. Moderate acne is characterized by deeper nodular lesions and some redness. Severe acne involves many lesions, multiple cysts and an increased amount of redness and inflammation.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar TreatmentEach of these stages and severities can produce acne scarring, although the more severe cystic acne is more strongly associated with scarring. There are two types of scarring: depressed (pitted) scars or elevated (thickened) scars. SkinRhümMD offers numerous acne scar treatments including chemical peels and laser resurfacing treatments to reduce and remove acne scars including the following acne scar types;

Ice-Pick scars – the most common form of acne scarring seen, which form deep pits in the skin
Rolling scars – less defined edges giving a wavelike appearance
Boxcar scars – pitted scars with defined edges with crater-like appearance
Hypertrophic (keloid) scars – elevated scar tissue that appear as bumps

The best way to prevent acne scars is to receive acne treatment early. SkinRhümMD will review all of your in office and at home acne treatment and acne scar treatment options, including oral prescriptions, high grade medical retinol therapy, at home chemical peels and medical microdermabrasion for reducing acne and clearing your complexion. If you do develop acne scars SkinRhümMD offers numerous laser technologies and acne scar treatments including Dermapen microneedling and laser resurfacing to help improve the redness and texture of the skin reducing the appearance of acne scarring.

If you are suffering from acne and acne scars have your family doctor refer you to Dr. Patenaude to get the best medical advice and treatment options.

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