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Medical Grade Cosmetic Products

SkinRhümMD offers a wide range of medical grade cosmetic products addressing numerous chronic conditions and concerns. Whether you’re looking to grow longer eyelashes, looking to improve the overall health of your skin, (including issues such as texture, pigmentation or complexion), have tired achy legs or unwanted varicose/spider veins, SkinRhümMD’s skin care experts can create a personalized at home regimen of medical grade cosmetic products just for you. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation 204-894-7486.

Zo Skin Health & Zo Medical Retinol Cosmetic Products

This high grade medical line of cosmetic products will improve and treat various skin conditions including Acne, Melasma, and Rosacea as well as improve fine lines and skin texture. SkinRhümMD will meet with you to personalize a skin care regimen based on your concerns and needs.


Latisse is a cosmetic product that will grow your own lashes longer, thicker and darker. Clinically proven results are seen within 4-8 weeks. You can safely increase the fullness and length of your lashes after a quick complimentary consultation with one of our skin care experts.

Skin Bleaching & Brightening Cosmetic Products

The cosmetic products in this brightening system dramatically improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brown spots and sun spots without the side effects associated with prescription Hydroquinone or Retinoids.

ZO Skin Health Medical Grade Sunscreen

The ZO Skin Health sun protection products offer scientifically superior sunscreen with the broadest, most comprehensive rage of sun protection available. Our advanced triple-spectrum protection shields against UVA/UVB, high-energy visible (HEV) light and IR-A (infrared) rays.


Originally crafted for vulnerable skin, Colorescience health forward formulas have improved millions of lives by providing confidence and reassurance to woman of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Blendable and breathable, our line features custom-refined minerals and nutrient-rich ingredients. Everything your skin needs to age well, nothing it doesn’t.

Sigvaris Compression Stockings

SkinRhümMD will custom fit your medical grade compression stockings to reduce aching in your legs, varicose and spider veins, swelling/edema and improve the overall circulation in your legs which can reduce chronic venous disorders.

Scar Removal and Prevention

Stratamed is the first topical silicone therapy approved for application to open wounds and ablated skin. Improve healing time and reduce scarring with this clinically proven therapy. Strataderm can be used to revise existing scars, minimizing redness, elevation and size.

Stretchmark Prevention and Treatment

Stratamark’s silicone polymer is a cosmetic product which helps prevent and treat stretchmark’s, reducing redness and size with consistent daily usage.

Call us today to book your complimentary cosmetic products consultation 204-894-7486.