Laser Hair Removal

Among the most popular cosmetic treatments in Winnipeg and North America, laser hair removal uses light energy to achieve a near permanent hair reduction. The treatment can be administered on the face or body to effectively slow and eliminate unwanted hair growth. Hair will grow in less, lighter, finer and regrowth will be much slower. Success rates with laser hair removal treatments are very high and patients love how low maintenance their hair growth becomes.

Laser hair removal has been used for years to safely target hair follicles under the skin without harming the surrounding tissue. At SkinRhümMD treatments are exclusively performed by a physician or trained laser technician under a physician’s supervision. In addition, we only use Health Canada approved technologies to ensure the most effective and comfortable, safest, virtually pain free laser hair removal procedure for our patients.

Multiple treatments are normally required with results often seen after only a few short laser hair removal sessions. At SkinRhümMD, we are able to treat multiple skin colors and types with numerous different advanced technologies. Many patients feel comfort knowing that they are being treated at a physician’s office with some of the most sophisticated lasers.

The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on which area of the body and the number of treatments that are likely to be needed. Treatments are much less invasive than waxing or electrolysis and long term can be much more cost effective as well. At SkinRhümMD we will work with you to determine an appropriate personalized single treatment or package program during the complimentary consultation phase. After your initial series of laser hair removal treatments, maintenance treatments can be expected anywhere from 1-3 times per year.

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