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Laser Hair Removal Vs. Waxing

Over time, laser hair removal has become the gold standard for removing unwanted hair.  Between the plucking and shaving, threading & waxing, what is the most efficient long term solution to this de-fuzzing problem that so many of us deal with on a daily basis? Waxing is one of the more traditional methods for removing hair, but with so many people now turning to laser hair removal as a solution to the problem, what are the advantages of laser hair removal over waxing?  And is it more effective than waxing?

Long Term results of Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing:

Waxing may produce a more immediate effect in reducing the hair you are currently seeing but it does not slow down hair growth or eliminate it.  It is only a temporary solution resulting in a few weeks without hair growth which will eventually recur.

Laser hair removal offers a more permanent long lasting solution. The laser hair removal treatment causes permanent changes to the hair follicles which results in hair regrowth becoming less, lighter, finer & sparser. Be aware, however, that your body is always producing new hair follicles, so you will require several treatments before you experience these long term results.

Cost-Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing:

Laser hair removal is more expensive in the short term, however in the long run; you will be saving a huge sum of money. Having regular waxing treatments over the course of a year can build up quite the hefty bill.  After enough laser treatments, you will no longer experience regular regrowth and therefore will only require an extremely minimal amount of touch up treatments to maintain your desired results for years to come.

Laser Hair Removal is Virtually Painless Compared to Waxing:

Everyone knows that waxing can be extremely painful. Laser hair removal treatments are far less invasive than waxing.  Waxing pulls hair out from the roots, leaving unsightly red marks and possible scarring.  Hair removal lasers are considerably less painful and as the regrowth becomes sparser, it is virtually painless.

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