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Scar Removal & Scar Prevention

Scars are the end point of the normal healing process after skin tissue has been broken. Injury to any tissue, whether it is by accident, surgery or disease initiates a complex series of responses to help clear damaged cells, protect viable tissues and rebuild the damaged area. The ideal end point of the wound healing process would be total regeneration, with the new skin tissue having the same structural, aesthetic, and functional attributes as the original uninjured skin. However, this is not always the case in wound healing.

Stratamed™ silicone gel sheets are commonly used by surgeons for scar prevention post-surgery. Stratamed™ scar prevention and healing therapy has been specifically formulated to adapt the abilities of silicone sheets into a convenient, film forming gel. Silicone gel sheeting has been used successfully for almost 30 years by leading scar prevention specialists around the globe to improve the signs and symptoms of scars and prevent the development of abnormal scars. Recent clinical trials and experience have shown that self-drying silicone gels applied from a tube (such as Stratamed ) show the same efficacy and the same excellent results in scar prevention , only are much easier for patients to use.

Stratamed™ Scar Prevention

Stratamed™ is the first and only self-drying topical silicone scar prevention treatment approved for application to open wounds and ablated skin. At SkinRhümMD, we incorporate this product into our incisional and ablative procedures to expedite healing time and for dramatic scar prevention results. Patients using Stratamed™ scar prevention therapy post treatment will notice a significant reduction in inflammation, a more rapid and effective wound healing, wounds will be better protected from infections, feelings of tightness, itching and reddening will be reduced and the overall propensity for a scar to form will be greatly reduced. SkinRhümMD recommends Stratamed™ scar prevention therapy be applied twice daily for a minimum of 3 months post any injury or surgical procedure.

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Scar Removal

It is estimated that North Americans currently have about 840 million scars of which 169 million are raised, red or keloid, with approximately 62 million new scars developing each year. These scars are often considered trivial but in many cases can be aesthetically unpleasant and cause severe itching, tenderness, pain, anxiety and depression.

SkinRhümMD offers multiple different treatments depending on your scar type including; Medical grade retinol therapy, Dermapen treatments, laser resurfacing, as well as steroid injections.

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